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I have reservations about Mitt Romney because he’s demonstrably supportive of government-run medicine.  It’s also relatively easy to establish that his positions have been rather more fluid than those steady tracking movements likely to be informed by increasing wisdom.  (That is such a horrible sentence, but I got in the middle and couldn’t stop.  Forgive me.)  Finally, I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing that he is so “electable.”  This, so far, seems to translate as “utterly without passion.”  You don’t have to go all the way to velvet robes, goblet of wine, and turkey leg to have a little spunk about you.

I am not bothered in the least that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

You know, Mormonism is a cult.  Such is a claim with quite a lot of traction in Southern Baptist churches, anyway.  I got that at least twice that I can remember during my adolescence in such a church (which, despite its shortcomings, was more good than bad for me).  I’ve had two people express that concern to me about Mitt Romney.  One is still gaga for our dear Barack, so her vote isn’t in play anyway.  However, she wondered about what kind of effect that might have with Southern religious voters, to which my response was a hearty “none.”  Think about it:  wouldn’t folks who think Romney’s in a cult be the same folks who think Obama’s a stealth Muslim?

So where are they going to go anyway?

And to anyone who’s genuinely, first and foremost put off by Romney being a Mormon:  seriously?  Can you really find anything in that narrative that’s any more objectively ridiculous than any other major religion?  Now I know it’s trendy and probably metrosexual or something to be a jackass loudmouth atheist.  But good luck finding a major presidential candidate without a Judeo-Christian profession.

So within that framework, you’re going to excoriate a guy because there’s a bit more to the story of his faith than that of a “normal” Christian?

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  4 Responses to “Mitt Romney is in a cult!”

  1. I think I’m going to have a Mormon-themed murder mystery party next time.

  2. The media has tagged Romney as the most electable because he’s the one they fear the least. If he were actually a conservative, they would be excoriating him.

  3. I may vote for Mitt just to help the Mormon Church towards its inevitable identity crisis when they finally get one of their own in the White House and the world doesn’t end with the second coming of Christ. I mean, you do know the belief taught in the Mormon church that when the Constitution is hanging by a thread, a Mormon will ride in and save the country in time for Christ’s return.

    Besides, North Alabama has already elected themselves a Mormon to Congress and nobody got heartburn over it. Well, Mo Brooks has done a fine job of hiding his Mormonism, but still …

  4. ‘seester, good idea. When you are assigning roles, I want multiple wives. Christy is alpha. The rest are your discretion. 🙂

    Jenny, indeed. I wish someone really good was running. I can’t believe we’ve introduced drama into what should be an easy contest by dragging a weak field to the party (see Democrats, 2004).

    wxchick, you should vote for Mitt! 😉

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