Mar 312011

While walking to lunch in downtown Huntsville today, a colleague noticed an SD card on the sidewalk at the southern corner of Clinton and Washington.  It contains 279 photographs, taken with a Sony DSC-T99, between March 7 and 17 inclusive.  It includes pictures of Mardi Gras in Mobile.  Here is one of the “stars”:

(Photos deleted.  Owner located, and card returned.)

Any idea who these folks are?  I’d be glad to return the card to its owner, if I knew who that was.

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  3 Responses to “Name the mystery people!”

  1. I posted this info on the photographer’s guild flickr board just in case they know who may have lost it.

  2. Good deal. Thanks, ‘seester.

  3. Facebook scores! One of my friends knows two of these people. Should be a simple matter from here.

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