Jan 032011

Yeah, I can’t blog tonight because it turns out I have a massive crush on Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose, and I’m over at YouTube obsessively and repeatedly watching all of the Hyundai Christmas commercials in which she sings.

And no, I’m not hip enough to know her name or the name of her duo without Googling them.

Happy Monday.

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  3 Responses to “Nataly Dawn stole tonight’s blog post”

  1. Nataly Dawn… Doesn’t she feature dance at Jimmy’s once a month? Yeah, same girl. More tattoos. Track marks. Same girl, right?

    Nataly Dawn…snicker…

  2. Hey man, she actually seems really impressive. Multi-instrumentalist, fluent in French, Christian missionary work most of her life…

    And I really love her voice. Judging from the YouTube comments she gets, though, it polarizes people. Apparently there’s something about it that flies all over some folks.

    Love her rendition of Queen’s “Play the Game.”

  3. Sounds like the music from Juno. It has its own style but all the songs end up sounding the same to me. I have the same problem with Zydeco and Caribbean – sounding music. I’m good for about the first two to three songs and then I’m done.

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