Oct 302010

At least an official or two, like the Athens mayor (I’m pretty sure) and the superintendent of schools (maybe), proclaimed that we’d trick-or-treat tonight instead of tomorrow night.

Yeah, that’s not working out.  It’s been dark for an hour, and I’ve answered the door four times.  (We usually get 75-100 trick-or-treaters.)  Lea took the boys, and they just stopped back by with some take, but not much.

There’s no good reason for this.  I heard someone say something about schoolnight vs. non-schoolnight, but come on.  Halloween occurs during the week all the time.  Because it’s Sunday?  Again, come on.  We’re not sacrificing first-borns here.

So my traditional activity is watching House of 1000 Corpses, but as it’s Saturday night, I’m watching the Auburn/Ole Miss game instead.  As we have very few guests, I have long stints of uninterrupted viewing.  Figures the game wouldn’t be any good.

I guess we’ll do it again tomorrow night?  Who knows?

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  5 Responses to “Moving Halloween doesn’t work”

  1. OK, so the boys did come home with high-quality bags. Lots of chocolate, and more quantity than I would have expected.

    Lea says we’re not playing tomorrow night.

  2. A lot of questions about it around here, but SE VA is sticking to Sunday. Oh joy.

    Heck, HSH hasn’t eaten her candy from LAST YEAR yet.

  3. Kemtee – Each boy has a bucket that we put candy into as we collect it throughout the year. The rule is that we start over at Halloween. This year, when I dumped out their buckets, it filled up three one-gallon bags. (Most of it will go in the trash. Some of the chocolate will get cut up for brownies or cookies.) It’s crazy the amount of candy they get in a year, though.

  4. Lea – it’s good to know it’s not just us…

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