Oct 312010

(That’s Aaron’s design on the left, and Nathan’s on the right.)

So like I said yesterday, thanks to well-intentioned but ultimately misguided civic leaders, our boys (and some significant percentage of our neighborhood, it seems) trick-or-treated last night.

But the boys enjoyed the fall festival at church this afternoon, and we’re having good dinner (shrimp cocktail, quiche, and fresh fruit).  That’s harvesty/autumny, right?

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Oct 302010

At least an official or two, like the Athens mayor (I’m pretty sure) and the superintendent of schools (maybe), proclaimed that we’d trick-or-treat tonight instead of tomorrow night.

Yeah, that’s not working out.  It’s been dark for an hour, and I’ve answered the door four times.  (We usually get 75-100 trick-or-treaters.)  Lea took the boys, and they just stopped back by with some take, but not much.

There’s no good reason for this.  I heard someone say something about schoolnight vs. non-schoolnight, but come on.  Halloween occurs during the week all the time.  Because it’s Sunday?  Again, come on.  We’re not sacrificing first-borns here.

So my traditional activity is watching House of 1000 Corpses, but as it’s Saturday night, I’m watching the Auburn/Ole Miss game instead.  As we have very few guests, I have long stints of uninterrupted viewing.  Figures the game wouldn’t be any good.

I guess we’ll do it again tomorrow night?  Who knows?

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Oct 292010

As I write this 1,513th WmWms post, I find myself at the end of a week of a thousand small transitions.  I think there is growth in most of them, so that’s good, but that something’s good doesn’t mean it’s not stressful.  I’m tired tonight and looking forward to a good night’s sleep and some football tomorrow.

I was going to blog about something that happened to me tonight that gave me a pleasant little buzz.  I tried for a while, but it always sounded pathetic.

Then I thought that maybe its patheticosity itself would be enough for critical mass.  Ran it by Lea, and she said nah, you were right the first time; it’s not post-worthy.  (See, I was thinking it’d be the kind of thing you could have a little fun with me over, but you know, you might instead just chuckle nervously and click away.)

So wow, you’re really getting screwed on your Friday night WmWms post, aren’t you?  As always, if you are ever dissatisfied, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase price.

There’s a Big East pillow fight on ESPN2.  I’m having a Hopsecutioner IPA.  The boys got to see me get lucky doing something stupid with electricity a little while ago, and then they got to hear me swear over it.  So that’s win-win!

I hope you have a good weekend.

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Oct 282010
  • The boys have drawn honest-to-goodness pictures for their desired jack-o’-lanterns this year.  I’m going in.  Wish me luck.
  • A buddy at work just bought a mint-condition, year-old Breitling Aerospace for not quite a song, but for a hell of a break off a new one.  I played with it today.  What a marvelous piece.  I’m happy for him and not at all jealous.  Not a lick.  Really.  Truly.
  • I don’t like being rapidly approached by a stranger in public when I’m by myself, and when I’m out with my boys, I won’t tolerate it at all.  If I don’t know you, do not run up to me when my children are with me.  Thank you, masses.
  • Despite my gloomy prediction, of course I’d love to see Alabama get to the BCS title game.  So I’m pulling just like you are for all of the puzzle pieces we need.  One of those pieces may well be that we need Auburn to be 11-0 coming into the Iron Bowl.  Tide Nation, I know it’s not fun, but please be for Auburn until Thanksgiving.  (Oh, and be for Nebraska and Iowa this weekend too.)
  • Google wants to move the operating system itself to the cloud next.  I’m already timid about online applications that are intended to replace desktop applications, and I have a feeling I’ll never accept an online OS.  (He said, digging in his heels absently.)  Perhaps it’s a generational thing.
  • Fall soccer ends Saturday.  Nathan made a big jump this year in terms of what’s expected of him, and did well.  Both boys had a good time.
  • My latest commitment to improve my health (forever) is holding, and things are still moving in the right direction.  I’m excited.  I have a minor milestone I want to break before I yap about it too much.
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Oct 272010

Know who’s hilarious?  Liberals out of power, that’s who.

They’re already coming apart.  Enjoy the fun, this week and (especially) next week, here:

  • The Nation.  Actually subscribed to the paper magazine once, and let me tell you, that gets some crazy crap coming in the junk mail.  Anyway, I really love this one for the “everything is fine” tone to so many of its articles.  I think the mantra at staff meetings must be Whatever You Do, Don’t Betray Our Panic.  You name something that happens in the world, and no matter what it is, they’ll tell you how it’s good for the left.  Just part of the master plan.  Move along.
  • National Review Online.  What’s the most arch-conservative site (cue The Imperial March) online doing on this list?  Simple—they’re good about posting links to the crazy stuff they find.  Check The Corner, in particular.
  • Reddit.com.  Hey, isn’t that a “news aggregation” site?  Indeed it is—but one with a lot of prolific hard-left contributors.  There tends to be at least one such meltdown in progress on every page.  Have a good time.
  • Bob Crispen’s blog used to be frequently enjoyable, but it isn’t much more now than a rebroadcast of his tweets, which tend to have one of three themes:  1) conservatives are filled with racist hate; 2) religion sucks; or 3) the South, and particularly Alabama, is a terrible place, largely because of 1) and 2).  (One wonders why he stays, but never mind.)  His page only makes the list because he’s (painstakingly, I’m sure) assembled a tremendous blogroll of radical leftists.  Generally you can go grab one and reliably hit a liberal losing his/her mind.
  • “Mainstream media” outlets.  Take your pick.  A fairly reliable narrative shall be that the voters have thrown a temper tantrum.  See, when liberals do well in elections, it is the direct result of considered and reasoned thought.  But when conservatives do well in elections, it’s because they’re in a blind rage and they’ve pitched a fit.

Soon it will be time for Congress to begin the work of a generation.  We must hold our representatives’ feet to the fire, reminding them how they were elected and demanding that they do everything in their power to undo the damage the Obama regime has inflicted upon the republic.  There will be no time for extended gloating.

No harm in relishing the next ten or twelve days, though.  Enjoy.

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