Apr 282009

So goes the babealicious Frances Townsend‘s description of the low-flying 747/F-16 “exercise” in lower Manhattan yesterday.  I concur.

felonystupidityPresident Obama has ordered a review.  His aides have insisted he was “furious,” and he says he found out with the rest of us.

That may well be.  However, Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, has already identified himself as the stooge responsible for the exercise.  Said “review” needs to conclude right now that his resignation is in the best interest of the country.

I don’t live in Manhattan, but I know people who do, and folks who live and work there walk around feeling like 9/11 was just about three weeks ago.  This was inexcusable and unconscionable.

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  6 Responses to ““Felony stupidity””

  1. I’m sorry. Call my cynical. But there is no f**king way BO didn’t know. Sorry – just not believable. And I’m still burned by that pompous arrogant SOB Gibbs coming to a press conference after the fact and acting like he’s just way too busy to bother with questions about it. He’s the press secretary dammit. It’s his job to answer questions instead of telling the corps that it may surprise them to know that he doesn’t keep up with AF1 whereabouts. Incompetent.

  2. So when does the press get to blame this on the Bush Administration? Anyone around to jump on this grenade?


  3. I read somewher shortly after this happened that the White House had notified the NYPD about the flyby ahead of time. If true, would that put the blame on the NYPD?

  4. How utterly STUPID and irresponsible!!!

  5. Terri: Perhaps you’re correct. I wish it mattered.

    BamaDan: Good angle. I think it’s Condi’s fault somehow, actually.

    nhfalcon: I can’t swallow that NYPD had an accurate understanding of what was to occur. If they had, there would have been massive uproar, “classified” or not.

    azn8tive: Indeed.

  6. Caldera’s head is not yet on a platter. Now it’s Obama’s screwup as much as his.

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