Mar 272009

Behold, my favorite Van Halen song for almost three decades running:

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  5 Responses to “Unchained”

  1. Eddie always has been The Master.

    Though I know more than a few people who would rate Steve Vai higher…

    And if Vai is higher, then where does that put his teacher, Joe Satriani?

    Me, personally? I wonder how utterly brilliant Randy Rhoads could have been if he had not been taken from us so soon.

  2. Another good reason why Van Halen is best with David Lee Roth…

  3. falcon: I bet I’ve listened to Tribute 5,000 times. The guy was indeed awesome.

    Scott: I’m a big fan of both eras. I’m not so much a fan of how badly the brothers have screwed up one of the best bands of all-time in the past ten years, though.

  4. D.O.A. was one of the best VH songs that had the unlucky position of being placed before Beautiful Girls. An assistant manager at my very first job convinced me on that.

  5. BamaDan: Oh, yeah. It’s pretty tough to make a mistake on Van Halen II.

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