May 302008

Well, Lea’s out for Sex and the City tonight.  After that, she might see a movie.  Ha, ha!

So am I the only straight guy on the planet who wants to see it?  The media coverage certainly supports such a supposition.

I loved the show.  I thought the writers and players did a marvelous job of portraying growth in the characters over the six seasons, while keeping them the same people.  Also, it was wickedly funny.  Miranda was/is my favorite—mostly for her cynical wit, but also because she was so genuine and vulnerable whenever she finally did allow herself emotion.  Plus, what a cutie.

I’ve not yet read any reviews, but I suspect the film will hew fairly closely to the show’s format.  Its rhythm was remarkably consistent, and as well as it worked, I doubt they’ll get squirrelly with it.  Plus, it’s not like the big screen opens any content avenues that weren’t available on HBO.

I’ll probably wait for the DVD.  I don’t usually go to the cinema unless I’m pretty sure the big picture and sound will add considerably to the experience, and I just don’t see that here.  The show wasn’t dripping with car chases and explosions, after all.

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  4 Responses to “Sex and the City”

  1. I may be the only woman in America who DOESN’T want to see this film. I’ve literally never seen an episode, so I’m happy to let this one pass me by. I likely won’t even rent it on DVD….

  2. I rarely watched the show,so I am not caring much about the flick.

  3. Confession: I have never seen one episode of the show.


  4. I never saw the show. Won’t see the movie.

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