Feb 132008

Warner Bros. announced last month it would only support the Blu-ray high definition format.  Then earlier this week, Netflix announced the same thing.  And Best Buy is actively recommending Blu-ray over HD DVD.

So now Amazon.com has HD DVD titles for 50% off, and the add-on HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 is streeting for as little as $119.

And I have almost certainly chosen the losing side in the only format war into which I’ve ever waded.  I do think there must be unimaginably huge pallets of money being shipped around to bring this to such a decisive (and relatively rapid) close.

Well, hell.

I’m really not that upset, though.  I knew it was a risk, though I believed the war would take considerably longer to resolve.

I did get Melanie that add-on Xbox 360 drive for Christmas, but she had the console already, so it was kind of a slam-dunk and hopefully not that big a deal.  I feel a little worse about steering Dad that way, though.  Martha got him an HD DVD player, and several of us got him movies.  Sorry, folks!

I’ll sit back and see how it goes for now.  I’ve got my Kubricks, my Planet Earth, my Blade Runner, and a couple of others, and there’s a sliver of a sliver of a chance it’ll make it, I suppose.

If not, maybe the Playstation 3 will be $200 late this year.

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  2 Responses to “HD DVD warm and pink, but unable to spontaneously respire”

  1. Well, Sony lost with BetaMax, so maybe I don’t begrudge it this victory. For that matter, Sony has been struggling of late, and I wish them success. They brought us the Walkman.

  2. Gray Bat and I were waiting it out… I was thinking BlueRAy – just because the Disney machine was placing their bets on it. Still going to wait a while for everything to convert over and then – maybe in a year we’ll get a BluRay DVD player and all… I’m patient.

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