Jan 312008


Yeah, I found that out yesterday at the gym.  Atrophied muscles and a sizable gut, hard-earned with ample red meat, cheese, and beer, will do that to you.  Woohoo!

My bud Tom is coaching me through an actual workout at an actual gymnasium every Wednesday.  I feel like I’ve been through a combine on Thursday morning.  It’s all “good” soreness, though; no injury, just awakening muscles (and sheesh, those sumbitches are all over places I never knew I had them).  We’re doing two sets of ten reps on eight different weight machines, followed by an in-between wild-card period (during which I discovered yesterday I couldn’t do a sit-up), and wrapped up with exercise bicycling.

Incidentally, Tom does things like compete in triathlons and ride his bicycle 50 miles on his lunch break.  He’s a great coach to have.

I’m going to add another gym workout to my week soon, and a time slot for the treadmill at home, and that will be three dedicated times weekly.  I’ll add a couple of “fun” things, like geocaching and playing outside with the boys, and that will be my first regimen.  (I say my first because Tom’s going to push once my physical condition begins significant improvement, and said push will contain other activities, I’m sure.)

I can tell a difference in the way I feel already.  Small steps.

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Jan 302008

Suppose an official type approached a friend or neighbor of yours and asked these questions about you:

  • Is he a member of the Ku Klux Klan?
  • Does he grow marijuana?
  • Does he beat his wife?
  • Have you seen the police at his house?

These are questions that Major League Baseball is asking its umpires’ friends and neighbors.  This is as a matter of course for all umpires, not for those under investigation for misbehavior or anything like that.

Would that upset you, if your employer started asking your closest associates questions like that?

Baseball lost me with the ’94 strike, and I’ve paid nearly no attention since then.  But between this and the gargantuan steroid clusterfuck, it’s becoming clear even to a casual observer that something is far beyond rotten.  It’s testimony to the inherent excellence of the game itself that it has survived, and even thrived, with such horrible mismanagement.

So what’s on the way?  More of the same.  Bud Selig’s commissioner contract was just extended through 2012.  It’s heartening to know we can expect four more years of such fastidious and effective oversight, isn’t it?

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Jan 292008

Up-to-the-minute headline:

What I had to say six months ago in this post:

Senator McCain, we thank you for your service, but you are not going to be President of the United States. Everyone knows it but you. Please commence fading from public view at once. Who knows? If you give it a year or two, maybe you can pull off that “elder statesman” crap.

If McCain does get the nomination, he’ll still have a formidable challenge, so my statement may yet play out.  But, thanks partially to horrendous campaign mismanagement by at least two of his competitors, he’s certainly a long way from politically irrelevant headed into Super Tuesday.

Good thing I don’t get paid to pick ’em, eh?

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Jan 282008

Yeah, look, you’re going to have to stop doing that.  No, I don’t like it, and I never have.  No, that doesn’t count, because do you remember how many margaritas we had that night?  You shouldn’t assign any significance to any one thing I do in this, uh, context, and plus I’m pretty sure I remember what you’re talking about, and it was more of a grunt anyway.  Is there any ice cream left?

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