Dec 292007

Several outlets are pouncing on this Fred Thompson quote.  The comment is from a visit to a firehouse, and here it is with a little context (thanks to the Campaign Spot blog at National Review Online):

I approach it from the standpoint of a deal… Of kind of a marriage. You know, if one side of the marriage has to be really talked into the marriage, you know, it’s probably not going to be a very good deal for either one of them. But if you mutually think that this is a good thing — in this case, if you think this is a good thing for the country, the you have the opportunity to do some wonderful things together. I’m offering myself up. I’m saying that if I have the background, the capability and the concern to do this and I’m doing this for the right reasons… but I’m not particularly interested in running for president, but I think I’d make a good president. Nowadays, the process has become much more important than I think it used to be.

I don’t know if they ever asked George Washington a question like this. I don’t know if they ever asked Dwight D. Eisenhower a question like this. Nowadays it’s all about fire in the belly. I’m not sure that in the world we live in today, it’s a terribly good thing for a president to have too much fire in his belly.

I have what I believe are substantial and legitimate concerns about the prospect of a Thompson presidency.  However, it certainly is difficult to dislike the guy personally.

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  5 Responses to ““I’m not particularly interested in running for president.””

  1. I SO wish that I liked this guy’s politics more than I do, just BECAUSE he’s so damned likable. I’d not like him as a president, though – he’s just too conservative for me.

  2. He’s too socially conservative for me, but nearly everybody is.

    He’s not conservative enough for me in terms of the size and cost of government. He may be the least offensive (in that regard) non-Paul candidate running, but that’s about like saying that jumping out of the 40th floor is safer than jumping out of the 50th floor.

  3. I want him to be President just so I can hear him use his Admiral Josh Painter line for real:

    “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

    Name that movie. =)

  4. Encino Man.


  5. Heh.

    Hunt For Red October

    Happy New Year!

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