Jul 252007

Hey there! I’m glad you found me. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it ought to be the first and only of this nature. I think we’ll be settled in here for a good long while.

Been meaning to move WmWms anyway, but it got kicked way the hell up my priority list when blogger.com locked my blog last night. A bot decided it was a spam blog, so I couldn’t post anymore. Nice, eh? Worse, I got an email a little after lunch today telling me it was unlocked now, and guess what? It isn’t.

I still have a few things to tidy up—minor behaviors I don’t understand; “how do I…” questions; a second, more-informed pass at a theme sometime in the future; and the like. WordPress is a different world, but I don’t think I did too badly with it for an afternoon of fumbling about. Thanks to Saintseester for her encouraging email.

(I did finally give up trying to make the old page redirect to this one. I don’t think blogger.com permits it, any way I know how anyway. Add that to the list of annoyances.)

But take it all ’round, these are minor things for me to sort out when I’m a bit fresher. For now, welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

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  7 Responses to “Man, there are boxes everywhere”

  1. It looks bitchin’ – I think you will be happy with the freedom the new setup is going to give you.

  2. yikes! sorry to hear about your blogger troubles. but it seems like you’ve found a lovely new home here with wordpress. keep on keepin’ on.

  3. We should throw you a housewarming party! Sorry blogger went psycho on you, but you seem to be doing quite well here. Here I was worrying you were going to stop posting, but you’re too resourceful for that…

  4. Looks great! Hmmm…maybe I should move mine, too.

  5. Thanks, ladies! Delighted you’re here, and I appreciate the plaudits.

  6. Nice! I’m jealous of the new digs but look forward to more in the continuation of your blog-o-thingy deal. 🙂 For now, I’m sticking with blogspot if for no other reason than it being completely free. Although I recently wrote an IP blocking script and had a hell of a time implementing it. A script that should have taken maybe a couple of hours to write spanned a good chunk of a couple of days due to blogspot’s maddening insistence on “prettyfing” the xhtml in the template. Half the time this just resulted in messing up my friggin’ script. It makes my pants sad.

  7. Thanks, Jeremy. I appreciate it. Glad to see you’re running now. Happy pants forever, baby.

    Blogger.com turned the old WmWms back on for posting tonight. This is two hours short of ONE WEEK that it was disabled, despite their email to the contrary the day after they did it.

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