Oct 192017
  • Hello friend. The third season of Mr. Robot started last night. Let the record show that I am watching first-run television again (though delaying it 20 minutes to enable the zapping of commercials).
  • On my way to Athens last week I noticed there is a new Blimpie next to the gas station at Gray and Browns Ferry. Seems like Blimpie tiptoed into the Huntsville market once upon a time—I believe I remember one in the plaza where Papa Gyro’s is on University—but I think they’ve been absent a good while. I don’t generally go anywhere but Firehouse when I want a sub, but maybe I’ll go try a Blimpie sometime soon.
  • When was the last time you hand-wrote someone a letter? I’m thinking making an effort to do that periodically would probably be a satisfying and nourishing use of time and resources.
  • Did you know that Ralph Waldo Emerson founded The Atlantic? I didn’t. I just read that this week.
  • The monument honoring Judge Horton in the town square in Athens is being dedicated today. In addition to his historical significance, I’ve written before that one of Judge Horton’s sons meant a lot to me. I kind of wish I’d made an effort to be there now. I’ll go see it soon.
  • Now that the boys and I watch Jeopardy! regularly, I need to check Game Show Network listings and see if I can find them an Alex Trebek-hosted show from 30 or 40 years ago. He used to have a mustache and bushy hair, remember? Pitfall would be the holy grail, but I’d take Battlestars or High Rollers.
  • I am on record in multiple places, now including here, as believing the Alabama-Tennessee game will be much closer than anticipated. The Vols are 3-3. This is their season. I’m not sure we’ve seen the Tide gut one out yet like I think they’ll need to on Saturday.

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