Sep 072017
  • Irma looks like a very nasty girl indeed. Praying everyone in affected areas gets out all right.
  • As for here, it’s not quite football weather, but it’s much closer to it than not. Diggin’ it.
  • Got a splinter from a chopstick last week, which has generated an immediate and permanent aversion to wooden and bamboo chopsticks. Beginning next week, I’ll be traveling with my own pair. Part of me thinks that’s a silly indulgence; the other part of me remembers that splinter and says “yes, of course you’re going to do that.” I’m generally having a truly sybaritic moment when I’m using chopsticks, and those are worth defending.
  • My first meeting with the North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force went well, but also made it clear to me that a lot of my questions are probably best answered offline with task force leadership. I’m working on that now so I can put together a plan for myself for the next several months.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind on the big screen for its 40th anniversary? I think I might find time for that.
  • No IndyCar race this weekend, but double points at Sonoma next weekend to decide the championship. Four drivers have a legitimate shot.
  • I’m badly overdue for a #hsvhotwings review. I’ll have one up in the next few days.

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