Sep 122019
  • It Chapter Two is out. Apparently I didn’t let Aaron watch the first one, and his interest in catching up is minimal, so probably Nathan and I will go see the sequel on our own.
  • I respect the express lane. If I have more than 10 items, I don’t get in it. But Publix cashiers are in the habit of waving me to it anyway, which sets me up to be unpacking more than 10 items ahead of someone who gets in it after I do. So then, for all that person knows, I’m just a scofflaw. But it just seems too much to actually turn around and say “she waved me over here.”
  • Someone made a joke about White Claw this week, and I didn’t know what it was. Apparently it’s some girly beer or something, like today’s Zima.
  • Is Florida-Kentucky the best game of the weekend? Maybe Kansas State-Mississippi State? What a lackluster slate of games top to bottom.
  • Fellow North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force member Deborah Powell and I will be presenting at the Madison Library at 6 pm on Tuesday, October 22, and at the main branch at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, October 29. All are welcome. Watch for further announcements.
  • Looks like 90s for another week, and then a gradual descent into seasonal temperatures. I can’t wait. I’m over 50 days of August.
  • I got an opportunity for greater understanding with an old friend today. It was a blessing, and a good lesson for me. I was operating without a key piece of information.

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