Jul 062017
  • Johnsonville has done a fine job promoting their for-a-limited-time Firecracker bratwurst and generating attendant demand in my 13-year-old, but not such a good job making them available in stores. I’m 0-for-3 so far (County Line Publix; new Kroger; big-ass Kroger). Anyone seen these things anywhere locally?
  • A new #hsvhotwings review and a new book review are imminent. Did you see my review of Edgar’s at Rocket City Mom?
  • In my recent experience, a lot of the third-party stuff on Amazon.com not marked “fulfilled by Amazon” is being shipped from China, and not on jet planes. Adjust your delivery time expectations accordingly.
  • I saw my first Alfa Romeo Giulia in the metal this week. It’s definitely a looker, though it could have used a sexier butt. It looks a lot like a 20-year-old Mitsubishi Galant from the rear.
  • Aaron got a make-your-own-funnel-cakes kit as a fun little thing for his birthday. He made them last night, and I have to say, they taste absolutely authentic. (That’s all in the world we needed was a way to have funnel cakes at home. Heh.) I want to try one minus the powdered sugar and plus chili and cheese. I have a feeling that will work. (That’s an idea I had last football season.)
  • I was outside most of Independence Day evening and was, as best I can tell, entirely unmolested by mosquitoes. Late freeze good. Late freeze good indeed.
  • Watch for more old photos soon.

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