Oct 062016
  • Need something fun and free to do with the upcoming beautiful Sunday afternoon? Come to the Village of Providence Car Show! Looks like the biggest one yet, and there are always all kinds of cars for all kinds of tastes.
  • I love gorging on seafood when we go to the beach, but I’m definitely fine without it for a week or so after we get back.
  • Blade Runner 2049 is scheduled to be released one year from today. I hope it’s amazing. If it’s not, I shall cheerfully ignore it. (See also: Matrix sequels.)
  • Here is a nifty, and maybe slightly creepy, look at one of Facebook’s data centers. This one is in Sweden. (Genius: “free” cooling most of the year, and “free” heating when it’s needed.)
  • My friend Christy‘s new book Sweetness comes out next month. I just might have had a peek or two at it already, and I’m excited for her. I think it’s going to do very well!
  • It’s official: Josef Newgarden will drive for Team Penske in 2017. Pulling for a Penske driver will be a new thing for me, but I think I can do it. Congratulations, man!
  • Thoughts and prayers with everyone dealing with Hurricane Matthew right now. It’s a nasty one.

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