Dec 022015

eassign“Now we’re not open yet, so you can’t blog about us yet!” Stan laughed, shaking my hand.

Thanks to Tommy being in the know, he, Carol, Trent, and I got to eat lunch at Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza‘s nascent restaurant today, before it opens.

(And Stan is fine with me talking about the place. He meant he didn’t want a full-up review. As if I’m going to have anything bad to say about Earth and Stone pizzas anyway.)

The new place shares a building with Yellowhammer Brewing, as part of a development called Campus No. 805, on Clinton Avenue in Huntsville. I didn’t take any photos of the interior yet because things could yet change, but it’s a cool, open space with garage doors between Earth and Stone and Yellowhammer. The new wood pizza ovens dominate the view behind the counter. Looks like a fantastic place to unwind.

(Only about six minutes from work too. Yipes.)

The Hammer.

The Hammer.

They are serving the same pizzas we’ve all enjoyed for years off the Earth and Stone truck, but in both 10″ and 14″ sizes now. They have also expanded the menu to include sandwiches, calzones, and salads. Our lunches were outstanding, and it was fun to share our thoughts as they work to get things just right.

The Carnivore Calzone.

The Carnivore Calzone.

I’m really going to enjoy having Earth and Stone pizza this readily available, and I can see leaving the place saying things like “OK, if I don’t eat until the weekend, and I take 20,000 steps every day…”

The Infamous Tommy G. Yes, it's named after Tommy. His standing special order is now a regular menu item!

The Infamous Tommy G. Yes, it’s named after Tommy. His standing special order is now a regular menu item!

Seriously, Stan and Tina are very good at what they do. This is going to be a high-end experience. Watch for the grand opening in the next week or two.

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  3 Responses to “Preview: Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza”

  1. So happy for the Earth and Stone folks! I’ve enjoyed their pizzas at various markets and other venues, but it will be great to see them in their new brick and mortar location. The Infamous Tommy G made me smile! Good for him…he promotes them all the time, so I can see why they honored him with a nod to him on the menu.

  2. Hey Bo – I got a notice that they are opening TODAY! Maybe we can make this a future bloggle site!

    Have a great day – and if you are really nice you could deliver me a slice. 😀


    • Kathryn, good news. Stan was talking like they were going to do the grand opening when Yellowhammer had everything in place–inspections, etc.–but if the Earth and Stone side is opening today for real, then so much the better!

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