Jun 252015
  • There’s a big break in the heat forecast for the weekend. We just might sneak into the upper 70s for Saturday’s high.
  • So a guy inadvertently recorded audio of his colonoscopy with his phone. The recording revealed that his anesthesiologist made fun of him all the way through it. It’s costing her $500,000. There is no chance of this happening to me. My gastroenterologist has already promised me I can stay awake for my next one and follow along. Watch for the live blog in 2019.
  • I was getting on the Parkway northbound from Airport yesterday, and some jackass in a red Volkswagen Rabbit stopped in the merge lane, right on top of the rise. Folks, dig: to make friends with merge lanes, shoot for 3-5 mph faster than the traffic flow. Then, you have options. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  • “Try the DermaWand risk-free for 30 days,” says the spam in my inbox. Now don’t you think DermaWand is a hilarious euphemism for penis? I just might try to insert that into the vernacular. Pun intended.
  • Jane’s dad on Breaking Bad is the molesting OB/GYN in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.
  • There have been only 15 unassisted triple plays in the history of Major League Baseball. The most recent one was performed by Eric Bruntlett on August 23, 2009.
  • Amazon Echo has arrived for the masses—but still with a semi-long ship time. We’re really enjoying Alexa (which is what you’ll rapidly call her it), and with her brain all in the cloud, she’s potentially useful indefinitely. (She sounds better than you’d expect for music, too.)

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  1. I was watching the Braves playing when Rafael Furcal executed an unassisted triple play. I knew that was probably a once in a lifetime viewing when I saw it happen. I. Love. Baseball. Just wish I had more time to watch it.

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