Oct 022014
  • Lows in the 40s are forecast for tomorrow night and Saturday night. Yay for fall!
  • They’ve put in turn arrows for Mill Rd. and Arbor Trace at County Line Rd. Arbor Trace gets green first, and then Mill. Pay attention.
  • There is no Windows 9. It’s Windows 10, and the Technical Preview will be available soon.
  • I have two colonoscopy tips for you! 1. Locals, I highly recommend Dr. Dino Ferrante. He is smart, capable, and an excellent communicator. 2. Ask your doctor to write your prep prescription for Prepopik. No night before a colonoscopy is fun, but Prepopik is considerably more pleasant to drink than MoviPrep, which took me 99% of the way to the vomit threshold three times.
  • Malcolm Young has dementia and will not be returning to AC/DC. I really hate that. They seem like such great guys, and they are the most gentlemanly and unpretentious band I’ve ever seen live, I think. Prayers with you, Malcolm. God be with the band, his friends, and his family (especially his children).
  • Want a good look at the new Belk? That’s right, folks:  soon you’ll be able to feel exactly like you’re at the mall when you visit Bridge Street.
  • When I was a boy in Anniston, Dad had a black 1946 Chevrolet pickup for a while. It was really ratty—literally; the seat was full of rat poop—but mostly complete. The grill was nearly perfect, which was most of why he bought it. It sat in our backyard for a couple of years. I think it was ultimately a casualty of our move to Madison. Here’s what it would have looked like had he restored it.
  • I’m just not scared of Ole Miss. Sorry. I put Alabama 40, Ole Miss 13 out there on Twitter yesterday.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #303”

  1. Looks like really nice weather for the Madison Street Festival on Saturday. I might have to serve hot toddies at parade time instead of Mimosas as planned!

    • I didn’t see you on the news, so I assume you mostly behaved yourself! 🙂

    • The weather was too good to misbehave in. It was glorious. Walked 5 miles going back and forth from the house to the festivities. Everytime someone showed up, I walked back down with them. If I could just have a festival down the street a few times a week, I’d LIKE lose a ton of weight.

  2. The Technical Preview is already available. I installed it on a VM at work yesterday. Here’s the link to the .iso

    This is the one weekend every year where I’ll explicitly pull for Alabama. I won’t go so far as to partake in your war cry… but I will throw in a “Go to Hell Ole Miss!”

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