May 242014

I don’t do fashion.

I don’t dress like a slob, but neither do I make any particular effort to comply with the latest styles. I’m a Lands’ End and Levi’s kind of guy, dig?

Most of my presentable shorts are denim shorts.


I am ubiquitously informed that denim shorts have very recently become quite uncool.

It’s not fair that denim pants of any kind should go out of style. I latched onto denim shorts for the same reason I latched onto jeans:  they’d be invulnerable to the petty whims of fashion. They’re denim. What could possibly happen? I can always wear these.

Uh, no.

My Facebook crowd tells me they’re dated. They “scream ’90s.” I’ve gotten some concurrence that I won’t be quite as uncool as Dark Socks with Sandals Guy or Shiny Polyester Pants Guy, but that I’ll still be unambiguously out of style.

Still, I may just wear them. I didn’t budget for several pairs of shorts this month.

Maybe I’m enough of an old man to not care.

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  4 Responses to “My name is Bo, and these are my jorts”

  1. Yep, it’s khaki shorts in the south. At the spring game I was people watching and noticed that all the men were dressed in almost identical outfits from the waist down. Khaki shorts (occasionally in blue), flip flops, t-shirts or polo shirts. They do look pretty comfortable.

  2. Bo, last week my fashion-challenged teenager informed me that they were out of style and he needed new shorts. Then he looks down at his denim shorts, shakes his head, and says “I’m bringing these back.” (And a Justin Timberlake song starts playing in my head) I have a feeling he’ll just be out of style for a while. Slave to comfort, he is.

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