Aug 222013

We know.  We’re remiss.

Please understand that we’re not being gratuitously rude.  We enjoyed the food, fellowship, and/or cards in your house.  We would like to reciprocate.  We will, eventually.

damageMost of the problem right now is that we’ve been raising Nathan’s puppy in the kitchen, and there are three to five examples of isolated but still rather substantial property damage as a result.  These languish because she’s still not quite there, so there’s no point in fixing them.  When that bitch darling little fuzzball finally moves outside, I will require most of a weekend to restore the area.

And once I do, the hilarities shall once again ensue.

We are, though, for a little while longer, constrained by a canine enfant terrible.

Thank you for having us.  Thank you for understanding.


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  7 Responses to “To people we should have invited for dinner by now:”

  1. The strike tag is possibly definitely one of my favorite things HTML implements.

  2. We crate trained Deuce. Eliminated all damages except for that one time he ate the seat belt.

  3. ‘Seester, she is crate-trained. This is she’s in the kitchen with you and you’re doing dishes, and when you turn the water off you hear her doing it. Or you leave the room for a minute and you come back to it.

    It’s nearly over, I think. She’s much better.

    But I replaced the weatherstripping on the back door too early already. I’m not repairing the wall until I’m certain.

  4. Ah! Sneaky little beeyotch, then!

  5. But hey, football.

  6. What do you mean “finally moves outside?”

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