Nov 022012

Despite receiving a call from the city of Seaside, New Jersey, requesting help with hurricane recovery, utilities crews from Huntsville, Decatur, and Trinity were turned away yesterday because they are non-union.

This sounds like a setup for a parody story of questionable taste, but nope, that’s what happened.  The crews will instead head to Long Island, and presumably be permitted to work there.  I’m heartened that the personal sacrifices of these folks—being away from their families, plunging into upheaval, and so forth—will reap some fruit, and they’re not just headed home.

Exactly what benefit does a union obtain for its members turning away this qualified and available help?  Do we have anything here but knee-jerk stupidity?  I don’t think we do.  How is the message anything other than “these professionals are non-union; therefore our people should potentially suffer longer than they have to”?

Someone pro-union out there want to defend this?  I’m listening.

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  6 Responses to “Seaside, New Jersey calls for help from Alabama utilities crews, then refuses it because they’re non-union”

  1. I wrote about this last night, too. And, jeez, the crews from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama are some of the most experienced at getting the power back on after a disaster of this magnitude. You’d think they would appreciate the expertise.

  2. Breibart’s picked it up, and it’s one of the first stories on Drudge. I don’t know how much Chris Christie can do about it, but I will be extremely disappointed in him if he doesn’t publicly and immediately excoriate the unions. The people in NJ need to know (when they get their lights back on) what their union bosses are doing for them.

  3. I’m pro-union but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything every union does or the decisions made by union leadership. Most “decisions made by committee” are usually subject to the stupidity of the loudest mouths.

    So… From a PRO-UNION person: The sort of behavior in this case is inexcusable.

  4. It’s not quite as bad as initially reported, but still pretty obnoxious.

  5. The reason is obvious: More overtime for union electrical workers. They only have one interest; Number One.

  6. i wanna know somthing, they are refuseing non union help, does that also mean going to refuse non union donations as well? i bet not. this aint nothin but flat out stupidity.

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