Nov 102011
  • My closest blogging friend, and a pretty doggone good friend in general, is retiring her flagship blog.  I’ll miss Saintseester Says, Saintseester.  Don’t be a stranger ’round these parts.
  • Looks like lunch with Melanie.  I had pho tai on Tuesday, freeing me up for a vermicelli—maybe a bun thit nuong—or a clay pot today.  I’m confident I could eat Vietnamese twice a week for the rest of my life.
  • Remember the scene near the end of Star Wars Episode III where Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi try to out-Force each other, and they just stand there immobile for several seconds while the power builds, and then it’s finally released all at once?  Sheesh.  Congratulations, LSU.
  • I’ll certainly pull for them if they do, but I don’t see Alabama getting back to the title game no matter what happens.  Stanford and Oklahoma State both losing is supposed to make it possible, according to some folks.  Well and good, but it’d most likely be Oklahoma beating the latter, and wouldn’t you think they’d have a strong shot at getting to #2 in the BCS upon doing so?
  • After I finished Gears of War 3, I picked Dante’s Inferno back up.  I remember being a bit disappointed initially at how much of a straight combo fighting game it was/is (you know, the ones that simplify to “how fast can you press X-B-Y-Y-B?”), which is why I put it down the first time around.  I’ll see about finishing it this time.  It certainly is striking visually.  I’m enjoying the ties to the poem as well.
  • Speaking of Gears, while I enjoyed all of the games, I think Gears of War 2 was the most fun.  Also, the narrative/universe is serviceable, but Halo blows it away.
  • I am having my first experience with back pain that is unquestionably generated by stress.  The pain is not debilitating, but it’s considerably north of minor.  It’s frustrating, because I don’t often consciously feel “stressed out.”  However, an honest inventory of my mood and mental activity—trying to get as far outside myself as possible and taking a look—is revealing.
  • If you’re like me, you have a few people in your life who have meant considerably more to you than they probably realize.  Sometimes some “small,” or at least smaller, thing happens between folks, and the other person might remember it, but you know that it set you on a different course, or maybe even changed your life altogether.  You know what?  Please make sure those folks know they mattered to that degree.  That’s soul-nourishing.

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  3 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #162”

  1. “XBYYB” That makes we want to go back and play ADVENTURE. I actually have a couple of versions that run on a PC. Of course then the magic word was “XYZZY.” I have a PC version of Rogue too.


    Thanks for getting that, Cookie Monster. It was on purpose, with intent, and that was the intent. 🙂

  3. It was always the imps, the damn imps, that got on me in Lair. But, then I usually quaffed something hallucinogenic, found a scroll of genocide and terminated those little lower case “i”s.

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