Oct 042011

So this is my mobile blogging rig’s inaugural post.  I’m using the Wi-Fi at Palmer Park, and writing on the Acer netbook Melanie abandoned when she purchased an iPad.

The battery was pretty much done when I bought it, so I replaced it with a larger one that’ll chug for a reliable four hours, and usually a little longer.  I wanted very much to use a Linux distribution, but every one I tried had some significant drawback or another.  (Got closest with Ubuntu, but couldn’t ever find a display driver that worked properly.)  So, reluctantly, it was back to Windows XP.

But, now the Kindle Fire lurks.  If I can find a decent wireless keyboard for it, I may try that instead.  However, it might be a tough sell.  This machine is quite light, and the keyboard has exceeded my expectations.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether I can come up with anything worth reading blogging on the go (and yes, I realize this doesn’t qualify), or if I need familiar environs.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading BoWilliams.com.

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  4 Responses to “A post from soccer practice”

  1. If you are thinking of the fire for simply mobile browsing, and such, I’d imagine it will be pretty nice. I wouldn’t count on it for reading books, though. It is nearly impossible for most people to read a plain old book for an extended amount of time on any backlit screen; it just causes far too much eye strain to be comfortable.

    The fringe benefit of the Fire launch is that the price on regular kindles has dropped quite a bit.

  2. Well, crap, ‘seester. I was actually gonna ask Santa for a Kindle this year…I’m tired of lugging books with me when I travel and those I’ve polled have said that the Kindle is the easiest to read (as opposed to getting an iPad and a book app.)

  3. Marianne, no, you still want a Kindle. You just don’t want a Kindle Fire. A Kindle Fire is an Amazon-branded Android tablet computer. The other Kindles have the electronic paper display that is basically “fatigueless” and really must be seen to be believed. If you’re getting a dedicated e-reader, that’s what you want.

  4. What ^ he said. The regular kindles are at a very nice price point now

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