Jan 162010

Ladies and gentlemen, I may have been hasty in my excoriation of Tiger Woods.

It seems he may have a “sex addiction.”

Now, I really had no idea Tiger might be ill.  I was thinking this whole time that he was an unthinkably rich egomaniac with the desire and ability to place his penis into an endless stream of young attractive women, so he did so.

Naturally I feel just terrible for having a laugh at his expense.

Sorry, Tiger.  Get well, big guy.

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  3 Responses to “Hey, guess what? Tiger is sick!”

  1. Perhaps it will qualify as a “disability?” And, he’s in Mississippi for rehab! How cool is that? 😉 I mean, MISSISSIPPI, for gosh’s sake. And, yeah, I feel really bad about making fun of him, too….

  2. Oh, for the love of God! Nothing like an “addiction” for denying personal responsibility. Geez, sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  3. Oh no, no, no. Mississippi is the wrong place to go to sex rehab. There is NOTHING else to do there.

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