Nov 192009
  • Some days, I just want to be the guy who sits in a lawn chair in a kids’ swimming pool in the front yard and drinks beer and reads the paper.
  • Ronnie James Dio is in the hospital.  What a marvelous singer/songwriter he is.  Love his stuff from Rainbow, from Black Sabbath, and solo.  Get well soon.
  • Speaking of heavy metal, Iron Maiden:  Flight 666 is outstanding.  I might have to buy this one.  Good recommendation, Tommy.
  • Sarah Palin is going to be in Birmingham next week.  I kicked around the idea of making the trip, but I heard a news story today about folks in another town camping overnight in line.  No thanks.
  • Would you believe that seasonal flu is three to twelve times deadlier per case than H1N1?  That’s using the CDC’s own numbers.  Here’s a rarity in the current discussion:  some healthy skepticism.
  • Stop bowing, stop apologizing.  Amen.
  • Go watch this video of a patient Texas police officer dealing with an affectionate cat.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #63”

  1. The thing that disturbs me the most about media frenzy around the germ of the year, any given year, is that it desensitizes us. If there ever were a very deadly threat, we aren’t going to take it seriously. It is almost like the media and the government are talking to young children. If they don’t make it sound scary, we won’t listen, then cross the street without looking.

  2. PS – and the health bill sets up a ginormous bureaucracy that is in charge of deciding the best practices for treating everything that the doctors must follow. Seriously? They can’t get basic statistics right.

  3. Bo: What? No headlines on the bait-n-switch for breast exams and mammograms? I think that segues pretty cleanly into a Sarah Palin article…ummm…err…I’m goin’ straight to Hell…

    RE: Jesse Jackson tweet – “I’m black…an’ I’m proud!” – The Commitments Maybe Jesse will speak out about the grave injustice served on the Boys in Green by FIFA in a horrid match-ending handball in France. Ireland was robbed. Looked like SEC refs out there.

  4. ‘seester: You got it. It’s clear to me now that this isn’t the big bug, despite the hysterical press, so what’s going to happen when we do get the big bug?

    BamaDan: I tweeted about it nearly immediately–days ago–not realizing its potential (and how much of a chance I had to get something in that vein out there ahead of a lot of others). I’ll do something else with it.

    I’m so done with Jesse Jackson.

  5. We’re all gonna die. The survivors, who I will not be with, will wander around saying stuff like, “this is just like the Stand.” And, “did you ever see a Boy and His Dog? Where’s the canned food?”

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