Oct 232009

I took the boys to the East Limestone football game tonight.  The Indians pounded the visiting Johnson Jaguars.  Had hoped to attend with BamaDan and his boys, but they had soccer commitments.


The Indians look just like the Florida State Seminoles.  An old colleague I ran into told me the previous longtime coach was a fan, and had something to do with that.

Anyway, I badly misjudged the weather.  It was about 61º when we left, so I figured the boys would be fine with hoodies.

It really didn’t get much colder—it was only 56º when we got home—but the wind was relentless.  None of us were particularly comfortable.


I gave the boys the stadium blanket, both for them to sit on and wrap up in, which meant I came home with the worst case of bleacher butt I can remember having.  I think the marrow in my coccyx is just now thawing.

Despite the cold, I think we all had a good time.  I need to pay more attention next year and get it in my mental mix earlier.  There really wasn’t any reason we couldn’t have gone to four or five games this year.

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  6 Responses to “East Limestone 46, Johnson 13”

  1. We tried to go to the Sparkman/Bob Jones game last night. We had no idea how bad the traffic would be. It took us 45 minutes to move from the PO on Hughes to the stadium,then stood in the ticket line for 30 minutes only to realize that there were no seats and it was half-time. So, we watched SHS band from outside the fence and came on home. We’ve only got one more game to travel for and it’s in Hoover.

    If you decide to take the boys to games on a regular basis next season, I highly recommend getting those padded, folding stadium chairs. Wallyworld has them for $16. Best investment ever, even if I had to go to Wallyworld!

  2. Much apologies, man. Kicks Tournament ate up my weekend. I’m sure you’ll be thinking of me on that 0730 kickoff SUN morning at Merrimack.

    The Cav is a pretty cool venue to watch a game. Reminds me A LOT of my old high school stadium…except they win more.

    GO EAST!

  3. azn8tive: We had a positively luxurious experience compared to that. I’m sorry.

    BamaDan: No apologies necessary! Soccer is soccer.

    Yes, I enjoyed the venue as well. It’s not Oxford, but it’s definitely a nice facility.

  4. 56F? Cold? Dude.

    You definitely would not have lasted at a football game where I grew up. I remember having to help a friend after halftime because her fingers FROZE to her flute…. If it wasn’t snowing, it wasn’t football!

  5. Kemtee, I know. That’s what I’m saying. Sounded fine for hoodies. It wasn’t. The wind was 15-20 mph, and never quit. It was miserable. We’d have been fine with real coats.

    I’m always the last guy to get cold. I was cold.

  6. If it is any consolation, we were cold on saturday at L’s soccer games in Clarksville. That damn wind did me in. Thankfully, we had our assortment of stadium blankets (Auburn, LSU, Saints, Braves).

    Oh, and the folding bleacher chairs – we got some at Dick’s Sporting goods. So you don’t haff to go swimming with the Walmartians.

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