Sep 272009

tidecorner2Started, stopped, and started again.

I’ll have an occasional blog post at Tide Corner this fall.  You can get the whole blog here, or get only my posts here.

It’s not what I thought it would be when I answered the call this summer, but if I have something to say about Alabama football—and I think I do, from time to time—then it’s a cool outlet.  Roll Tide!

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  9 Responses to “Tide Corner again”

  1. You have to love the Top 25 picks right now. Three of the top four are SEC teams including Florida (1), Alabama (3), and LSU (4). I hate to say it but I am not really sure if LSU should be there yet. Either Florida or LSU won’t be there in two weeks. And, Alabama should probably be (2) above Texas. (Yes, I said it. I may not like Alabama but I like non-SEC schools even less 😉

    So my question is this. IF we had a playoff that took the top eight teams, would they allow the SEC to have three (or more) of those spots?

    Since Alabama and Florida won’t have a chance to play until the SEC Championship, if they are 1 and 2 and both undefeated, would that not really be the national championship? If they were in a wussy league like the Big 10 with no conference playoff, they would start the bowl season as 1 and 2.

  2. I love BB_FAN. Just sayin’ it in yer space.

  3. All the moaning and crying in week four is silly. It usually takes care of itself. The BCS is simply a way to try and match the two best teams in a two-team playoff. As an amalgamation ranking system, I think it works pretty well. I’d like to see it expanded to the top four teams for the championship, but any more than that and you start to pull in some teams that don’t belong. Texas, Florida, and Bama all look deserving so far, but there’s a lot left to go.


  4. I still think you take the six BCS conference champions, the two highest-ranked non-BCS conference champions, and put ’em in brackets.

    But I try not to get too spun up about it. Might as well wish for butterscotch rain.

  5. Well, we all wished for hope and change…

  6. My only problem is that many of those BCS Conf champs have been really bad (looking at you, Big East). Many of them are 2 loss teams. All apologies to Glen Dorsey and The Big Giant Hat, but how can a 2 loss team claim to be the best anything? Final Four for Football. Open it to any host city. Semis on New Years Day (am and pm), Finals the week after.

  7. If the Big East, the ACC, and (yes, I’ll say it) the Big Ten get brained year after year, then so be it. What’s the difference between that and what happens now? I’ve got $100 that says the 2009 national champion will be an SEC, Big 12, or Pac-10 school. Will you take it?

    The main thing I want to see is the parity that will come from Utah, Boise State, TCU, and similar schools having a legitimate title shot. That will go a long way toward leveling the recruiting field. By and large, those schools can’t land significant quantities of blue-chippers right now, because blue-chippers want a realistic shot at the crystal football.

    I think the SEC is the badassest conference in the land, and I don’t think a contrary position is defensible. But I’m not going to pretend that it got that way altogether fairly. 🙂

  8. But it could really suck. When Miami lost to OSU, was there any doubt a big cause of it was Willis McGahee early? Can you imagine if a dominat team lost a player to a number 8 team and then had two more games after? Ugh, I have no interest in 2 loss Notre Dame team “getting hot” in December and then being crowned with the crystal football. I also have no interest in a Utah, Boise St, etc geting a shot. Sorry, nobody cares about them and they only have to get up for 1 game a year and a bowl. Get them in a big conference maybe.

    Sucker’s bet. Wasn’t the champion in 2009 the Gators? Not like you’d lawyer me over that 😉

    I liked the old bowl system with all it’s uncertainty and year long bitching if you got slighted.

  9. BamaDan: That’s a point I made in this post. We were supposed to surrender to the BCS, and clearly, we haven’t.

    In that regard, the old way doesn’t look so bad.

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