Mar 092008

I spent far too much of the afternoon (including, I suppose, time during which I could have written a more substantive blog post) drinking too much of a Flying Dog variety pack and selecting 100 songs for the randomizing “jukebox” plug-in on my MySpace page.

Then we had a little impromptu family dancing with the cable music channels, and Lea and I rediscovered a game we used to play: name the ’80s song title and artist! The rules are simple: as soon as the song starts, name the title and artist before the other person.

I scorched her on Paul Carrack’s “Don’t Shed a Tear,” but she got it right back on The Pointer Sisters’ “Jump.” Dammit! Just flat-out not knowing is fine, but for both of you to know it and to have your opponent’s synapses fire just a tenth of a second or so faster than yours is irritating. We split Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen” (she said the title and I said the artist simultaneously). The boys laughed at our suddenly prominent competitive streaks.

It’s a fun game, but Lea and Charles are the only people I know who can even challenge me.

Finally, Daylight Saving Time is still obnoxious, disruptive, and unnecessary.

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  3 Responses to “Tunes in this world and that”

  1. I’m pretty sure you’d KILL me in such a contest. I know a LOT of songs, and could probably I.D. the titles in a huge hurry, but not always the artists.

    TELL me about how DST sucks. It was JUST starting to get light when we get up in the morning, and now we’re back to dark again. Grrrrr.

  2. I tend not to remember the 80’s very well. A period of lonely sadness (or was is sad loneliness?) and excessive acquaintance with John Barleycorn.

  3. My game would be the “Name that 90’s” artist. And Paul’s would be “Name that 70’s artist” so both of us would really suck at the 80’s game.

    And I am officially starting the “I hate DST Club.” Want to join up?

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