Jan 022020
  • I had a lovely Precious Hearts Tour this past Sunday and Monday. I got to see Karin, Leigh Anne, the Thagards, and Margaret. Still had a couple of misses I hope to rectify soon. It’s still disarming to me how small my old neighborhood seems to me now. I suspect our boys won’t have that, mostly because they’ve spent their entire childhoods in the same house.
  • Margaret and I had some excellent Thai food and sushi at Garlic in Newnan, Georgia. Recommended.
  • It was a tale of two halves in some ways, but Alabama defeated Michigan convincingly in yesterday’s Citrus Bowl. Any guesses what happened the following season the last time Alabama defeated a Big 10 opponent in this bowl game following a disappointing year?
  • We’re about a month removed from getting rid of cable TV. There are a couple of annoyances, but mostly it’s been great. The live sports experience, which was the major acid test, is essentially seamless. And even with several streaming subscriptions, we’re still going to save several hundred dollars a year.
  • I purchased and moved into a Nokia 6.2 phone over the break. I like it all right so far, but in my experience the adapters to convert a micro-USB male connection into a USB-C male connection are unacceptably erratic. Just plan on new cables. You’ll be a lot happier.
  • I wonder whether I can write one meaningful handwritten letter per month? Do you even remember the last one you got? I don’t.
  • I successfully replaced the rear (drum) brakes on our 11-year-old Nissan Versa. I felt victorious, but honestly, given how few drum brakes there are left in the world, this skill acquisition isn’t likely to pay further dividends. Still, probably saved $125-150. (Killer tip: take a photograph before you take it apart.)
  • The great Sleepy LaBeef has died at 84. One of the most fun times I ever had with one of my mother’s jackass husbands was listening to Sleepy LaBeef vinyl with him on his excellent system. RIP.

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