Jun 062019
  • Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day—the beginning of the end of World War II. The eventual and substantial blessing of success came at great cost indeed. May we never forget these sacrifices.
  • I went to Parkway Place on Monday to get some steps, and also to get a sense of the mall’s health. I think it’s all right for now. There are 13 vacancies, however, with only two of those showing evidence of a new tenant on the way. The rise and ongoing decline of the enclosed shopping mall fascinates me.
  • Jalapeño has a tilde over the n. Habanero does not.
  • Supposed to rain until Tuesday here. Fort Worth looks good on Saturday night, though!
  • You may have noticed that I reset my Popular All-Time post list (in the left sidebar). As there’s no way to get accuracy back to the beginning, I don’t have much heartburn about doing that periodically. It’s interesting to see how it changes over the years.
  • At our current pace of 2-3 episodes per evening, we’ll be caught up on Bosch in another week or so. What a great show. What a great character. After that we’ll scarf up the new Luther episodes. I’m doing new Black Mirror and The Rain on the treadmill.
  • Probably two more weeks until I fall out of the smallest big-and-tall jeans and into the largest regular-sized jeans.

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