Jan 282019

It’s supposed to snow here, briefly but significantly, in about 4 hours. We’ll be at home tomorrow. Depending on the temperature tomorrow afternoon, we may be home for part of Wednesday too.

The main reason that northern Alabama shuts down over two inches of snow is that it neither happens often enough nor lasts long enough for our municipalities and other local governments to invest significantly in mitigatory equipment. The best value proposition is just to sit tight. So we do.

Lea’s making sausage balls. We have movies lined up. What has settled, for the moment, into my occasional consumption of alcoholic beverages will find a manifestation or two tomorrow. (There’s Zing Zang in the house. I’ll put it that way. There are few drinks more satisfying than a good Bloody Mary with a robust breakfast.)

Be safe. Stay warm.

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Jan 242019
  • I drove around in the budding MidCity Huntsville development for the first time this week, including my first close look at Top Golf. I wasn’t sure I understood it. Now I do. Looks cold.
  • Nothing fills me with more joy after the first of the year than thinking about medical insurance in some way or another every damned day until all of the crap settles.
  • We’re having folks over for the Super Bowl, but I think it will be the most for-the-commercials viewing we’ve had in quite some time.
  • I went with my sister to Ulta on Monday, while she was down visiting. Did you know that there are numerous hair dryers on the market with prices exceeding $200?
  • I get teased at home for making a CROCK-POT® of beanie-weenies a time or two a year, but man, I love ’em. Mix a pound of baked beans, a pound of chili beans, a pound and a half or so of sliced hot dogs, one diced jalapeno, one small diced onion, two chopped slices of bacon, and several good grinds of black pepper together. Put it on low for 4-6 hours.
  • The Rolex 24 at Daytona is this weekend. I’ll watch it like I always do, finding it only marginally interesting but so starved for auto racing that I find it somewhat worthwhile.
  • It was such a blessing and a privilege to speak at First Baptist Church of Madison last week on human trafficking. I have four future engagements scheduled right now. I don’t think I want that number to be zero ever again. Would you like me or another member of the North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force to speak to your group? Just let me know!
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Jan 222019

I spent my favorite three hours of 2019 so far with Jenny yesterday. I accompanied her on girly errands she wanted to run, and then we had Thai together.

She’s headed back home this morning. I won’t see her again until July. I’m thankful for the close time yesterday, and looking forward to having more then.

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Jan 152019

President Trump hosted 2018 college football national champions Clemson at the White House last night. Citing the government shutdown, Trump spent thousands of dollars of his own money on fast food to serve to the players and coaches:

“I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King with some pizza. I really mean it. It would be interesting. And I would think that’s their favorite food.”

This is bizarre.

President Trump hosted the 2016 Clemson championship team in June 2017. He hosted the 2017 Alabama championship team in April 2018.

But somehow he had to host the 2018 Clemson championship team the week after the game?

I mean, clearly Trump wanted this to happen this way, but to what end? Is this, in his view, effective government shutdown politicking? Or does he just think this is a good look for him? For the White House? For the country?

How embarrassing.

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