Mar 312018

I try not to say too much about “these kids today,” because a) I remember how assish that sounded to me; and b) whether anything is true about “these kids today” that wasn’t true about previous generations is highly arguable by intelligent people.

Thusly disclaimed, I’ll go ahead and say that these kids today don’t seem nearly as interested in obtaining their driver’s licenses as Generation X was.

I really can’t remember the very first time I ever drove by myself. I remember an early trip that really meant something to me, though. One cool spring night I took Dad’s van, a.k.a. The Love Machine and my first daily driver, to our dearly departed Madison Square Mall to buy Look What the Cat Dragged In. I remember that I parked around back, by the food court. That was nowhere near Camelot Music, but maybe I did that on purpose too—more time out on my own.

(I could smoke freely, too. That was two months into my habit. Sigh. Nobody carded kids back then, and it would be another four years before Dad quit, so I could smoke in the van without fear of detection as long as I put the last one out ten or so minutes before I got home. Alas, when I got my driver’s license, and for a couple of years afterward really, “to be alone with a girl” wasn’t one of the reasons I needed it.)

Nate has been of age for several months now. We’ve practiced some, and he’ll make rapid progress when we do, but we haven’t done it regularly enough to prevent him regressing a bit when we lay off. Part of why we’ve not hit it harder is circumstantial, but another part of it is that it just hasn’t been that big a deal to him. And frankly, with our schedules, it’s not a particular burden to us either.

So last night, he had a band function, and he and several other kids went to Village Pizza afterward. After we picked him up, he observed that he could do such things a bit more often with a bit more autonomy if only…

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Mar 292018
  • I’ve now lost 10% of my all-time high body weight.
  • Though I’ve always found Roseanne Barr a talented stand-up comic and comedic actress, I was mostly ambivalent about Roseanne the first time around. That’s where I am with the revival too. I do think it’s a real shame it’s so overtly political right out of the gate.
  • So this program was a secret between Uber and the governor. That wasn’t good. Now it’s emerged that a key piece of safety software was intentionally disabled in the self-driving car in Arizona that killed a pedestrian earlier this month. I’m guessing Uber is quite glad it’s already settled with the woman’s family.
  • I’ll be experimenting with making my own granola soon. If I come up with anything I think is notable, I’ll share it with you.
  • Did you know that Motorola is a portmanteau of motorcar and Victrola, from an early car radio the company developed?
  • I need to investigate whether and how I can watch The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling without subscribing to HBO. He was one of my very favorites; just a tremendously funny and brilliant man.
  • I am working on a way forward for that better reflects the things I want to receive my time and energy. I do not intend for the site to go away, but it may be a little herky-jerky until I figure it out. Thank you for your patience, and thanks especially for reading.
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Mar 262018

This product Hint has been showing up in my feeds lately. It’s water, but infused with natural fruit flavors, and containing no artificial sweeteners. Kara Goldin, Hint’s founder, got the idea in 2005 when she got discouraged with the content and quality of the products her children were drinking.

I picked up a couple at Publix recently (where they are shelved with soft drinks, not water). I got blood (scarlet) orange and crisp apple. The 16-ounce bottles were $1.84 each.

I’d show you a photo of a glass of it, but it would look like a glass of water. So, just picture a glass of water in your mind. Both flavors I tried were good and authentic. The apple was a little stronger, I think. The orange was more “hint of.”

There is a lot of information at the Hint web site on the purity of the product. It’s vegan, kosher, and GMO-free.  If such things add value for you, then you may find Hint an attractive option.

Alas, I don’t really care so much about such things. I’ve begun exploring in earnest how I can eliminate artificial sweeteners as painlessly as possible, but that’s it. I’m getting a little convenience from a bottle of Hint, but that’s really all. I can make my own fruit water much less expensively. (Now admittedly it wouldn’t quite be calorie-free, but it would be close enough for the way I drink beverages during the day.)

So though I think it tastes good, Hint is not a good fit for me for the money. If you are particularly sensitive or allergic to common commercial beverage ingredients, and/or if you politically, emotionally, or spiritually value the purity of this product, then it may work for you. There are specials floating around that can get it delivered to your door for about $1.08 each.

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Mar 172018

I joined Pat and Tosha, two fellow human trafficking warriors, this week to speak for the North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. Tosha and I were presenting for the first time “live” to a real audience. It went well.

The University of Georgia’s IMPACT group invited us to present. Other than that, we weren’t sure what to expect. Turns out they were on a weeklong retreat, “camping” in a Baptist church in Birmingham in sleeping bags. Basically, for spring break, these Georgia students chose and scheduled guests all week to raise their social consciousness. Wow.

They were wonderful hosts, and based on their questions and comments, I think we really connected with them. A part of me was transported back to that magical time of my own life, during which I never worked harder but also really relished the intellectual stimulation. It was so fulfilling to tell the story and feel like it was genuinely “seating.”

Thank you for having us, ladies and gentlemen. Good luck in your studies.

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