Jul 132017
  • Baby Driver is a great summertime movie and worth a theater trip. The R rating is pretty soft; probably a PG-13 except for two or three brief scenes of graphic violence.
  • I have to start keeping a lunch in reserve at work, even if it’s just a can of Spaghettios. I deluded myself into Taco Bell yesterday. I don’t need to do that ever again. Counting the unsettled afternoon tummy, it’s like four hours of self-loathing.
  • Dear female Facebook friends:  The photographic filters that smooth all of your wrinkles and blemishes and whatever else you’re hiding also make you look ridiculously synthetic, like a plastic baby doll, and it’s not a good look. Please, knock it off. You are lovely just the way you are.
  • Our when-we-push-the-peanut tiling project in the boys’ bathroom is to the exciting part. Lea’s putting tile up. She’s doing a great job.
  • The IndyCar championship race is tight. Not following the series? It’s always a good time to jump in. Next race is in the streets of Toronto on Sunday at 2 PM CDT on CNBC.
  • I want an Echo Show, but not for that money. I’ll watch for a Christmas shopping special.
  • Still too early to call it in a mild summer, but we’re firmly into the part of the calendar that misery frequents. If we can tiptoe through another six weeks of highs in the low 90s, I’ll be a happy guy.

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  1. Remember the last time we had a definitively mild, by any Alabama measure, summer? If my memory serves me somewhat adequately, that would have been followed by spring of 2011. And didn’t we have a significant snowstorm that Feb? Or am I thinking of another combo.

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