May 082015

Most people of a certain age will recognize this image.


And, if my experience is typical, many of those people will identify it as a Memorex commercial. It’s not. It’s a Maxell commercial.

You’re reading a post that includes video proof, so if you were skeptical at first, you’re not now. But I bet it’d surprise you how many folks will take you to the mat arguing that it’s Memorex when there is no proof immediately available.

Kids? These are called “audio cassettes.” They’re what you put music mixes on before you burned them to disc with a computer. Maxell and Memorex both made good ones. So did TDK and BASF.

Have a good weekend.

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  3 Responses to “Remember Blown-Away Guy?”

  1. I always think that ad was for MTV. Weird, huh? Even though I know it isn’t, my first thought is MTV.

    • Did you have MTV super-early? 1981-82? The only advertisements were for MTV. There was no external advertising. They also played 12-14 videos per hour without fail.

      That was my dad’s den, in the black beanbag chair, for literally 10 hours at a time.

      • Yes, we had it (at college) my freshman year. (By “we,” I mean any lucky SOB with daddy paying for cable who let us hang out).

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