Aug 292014

I am officially on posting hiatus until Tuesday, September 2. Want something to read?

Thank you for reading, folks. I really appreciate it. I’ll be around on Twitter this weekend if you just can’t bear the thought of being without me for so long.

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Aug 282014
  • Hello, football. Nice to see you.
  • Did you know Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis both died November 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated? I didn’t.
  • I see a particular vehicle on my morning commute maybe monthly. We’ll be together, or close to each other, but our routes diverge when she takes what she thinks is a shortcut. Nine times out of ten she’s stopped on a side street when I go by at speed.
  • I thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were already married.
  • Did you see that Hello Kitty supposedly is not and never has been a cat? This is clearly an absurd claim, but if the idea was raised Hello Kitty awareness, then shrewd move.
  • The developer is calling this an unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 4, but if you read it, it sounds like all of the official Microsoft updates put together. Not sure that makes it SP4. My XP box that wasn’t doing anything but running SETI@home started acting up last week. Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.
  • Destiny lands week after next.
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Aug 262014

My thoughts alphabetically by team, with non-team-specific thoughts at the end:

  • Akron wins enough to lose Terry Bowden. He’ll have a better job next year.
  • Alabama wins the SEC. I think the quarterback issue settles itself, the o-line jells, and it’s off to the races.
  • Auburn returns to form. That means 8-4 or so, with a solid loss to Alabama. Welcome back.
  • Clemson ends six years of frustration and beats South Carolina. Reserve the Boom Boom Room now, Tigers.
  • Florida wins nine games, and Muschamp saves himself. Lest you think that’s too much of a rebound, go reexamine what happened to the Gators last year. They were annihilated by injuries in a way I’ve never seen.
  • Florida State does not repeat. In some quarters this team is practically anointed for ’14, like why should we bother playing the games? Yes, most of the team is back, but FSU won’t sneak up on anyone this year. I see three games on their schedule they could lose.
  • Georgia slits its own throat and fires Mark Richt. Talk about “getting over the hump” intensifies after a closer-than-it-should-have-been win. Then, Georgia loses a game that can plausibly be blamed on bad coaching, and Georgia sends one of the best coaches in the league packing.
  • Hawaii fires Norm Chow halfway through the season. He seemed a very promising head coach candidate, but he’s been awful. He doesn’t make it to November.
  • Louisville keeps Bobby Petrino all year. Probably next year, too, and then this filthy snake’s contrition is once again overwhelmed by ambition and greed.
  • LSU loses three games for the third year in a row. Grumbling intensifies.
  • Mississippi State wins nine; loses Dan Mullen. It’s a favorable schedule with nearly everyone back from last year. Coach gets an offer he can’t refuse.
  • Ole Miss underachieves. Absolutely everyone is higher on the Rebels than I am, it seems. They’ve lost five conference games in each of Hugh Freeze’s two seasons, and that sounds about right for the third one too.
  • Penn State wins 10 games in James Franklin’s debut season. The schedule is favorable, and Coach Franklin is the real deal. No mere mortal puts up back-to-back nine-win seasons at Vanderbilt.
  • Tennessee goes bowling. Still think running Fulmer off was a good idea? Nevertheless, signs of life in Knoxville.
  • Texas overachieves. Lots of folks are high on Charlie Strong, but there’s a lot of “he’s gonna need time” chatter too. Nonsense. Texas wins 10 games this year.
  • Texas A&M finishes below .500. Yes, Manziel and Evans mattered that much, nearly wholly compensating for a rotten Aggie defense. But they’re gone. The decline is steep.
  • Vanderbilt gets back to a bowl, but not by much. I think 7-6 would be a tremendous year for the ‘Dores.
  • Washington State is the surprise of the Pac-12. I think the Cougars could start as strongly as 5-1, on the way to 8-5 or so.
  • The playoff structure generates substantial controversy. There were holes in the BCS paradigm that aren’t closed nearly enough in this Way Forward. Five undefeated teams? A major strength-of-schedule fracas? I don’t know, but something.
  • Your national champion is: wow, who knows? I see as much potential for Alabama as anyone in the SEC to put it all together and hit overdrive. But, I think this could be a really strong Pac-12 year too. No Big Ten team has the horses for it all the way to the end. The Big 12 eats its own enough to remove itself from contention. From the ACC, it’s the Seminoles or no one, and I think they don’t quite get there. I have to say something definitive, and with Alabama plausibly in the mix, how do I pick against them? I’ll go Alabama 38, Oregon 27.
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Aug 252014

The Obama administration has known all along—through all of the histrionics about damaged hard drives and whatever else—that Lois Lerner’s email is backed up, just like any other government email. Obama administration attorneys have dismissed this system as too onerous to search.

Here is today’s statement from Judicial Watch.

It is abundantly clear that Judge Emmet G. Sullivan smells a big rat. It sounds very much as if he’s going to, ahem, motivate them to search this system anyway, however “onerous” the task.

Perhaps this is finally a bridge too far for this band of thugs that has hijacked the executive branch of the United States government. Perhaps this is finally enough to overcome the terrible obstacles of a ceaselessly sycophantic press corps and a (shrinking, but still depressingly large) gaggle of groupies who seem to occupy themselves entirely with making eyes at our esteemed president and shrieking “racist” at anyone who dares not do the same.

What gall. What contempt for the American people.

Do we finally have a light so bright, there shall be no scurrying for the shadows?

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