Mar 242013

I turned the crank 390 miles round-trip to see two beautiful longtime friends today.  It’s a decent piece to Carrollton, Georgia, but it’s all pretty easy.

I had it in my head I was going to take a few photos today, but Margaret was feeling a bit bashful, and frankly after I couldn’t lead with a shot of her I lost interest in taking pictures.  I’ll get back there sometime soon, maybe even with my “real” camera.  The square in downtown Carrollton impresses. Margaret and I had a delightful brunch and coffee.  I was in the fourth grade, and she in the fifth, the last time we saw each other.  I so loved spending the first grown-up in-person time of our whole lives with her!

Then, I had an early dinner with Karin at an unexpectedly excellent Mexican place, and it was special because I had her all to myself for two hours.  I always enjoy seeing her, but I’m usually sharing her.  Didn’t have to today.  She has even less of a filter than I do in some ways, and I get a kick out of reacquainting myself with that every time we’re together.

Friends who get you are such blessings.

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