Nov 022017
  • This is our first perfect square Thursday miscellanea since last Thanksgiving!
  • Congratulations to the Houston Astros for winning their first World Series. I’m glad Nolan Ryan is part of the organization for this.
  • I’m in a major ’70s glam rock mode right now: Slade, Sweet, T. Rex, and so forth. This stuff underpins the hard rock/heavy metal of the ’80s every bit as much as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath do. It’s almost like the other half of the puzzle.
  • I would have guessed original Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall was dead. Well, he’s 91 instead! Here’s an interesting interview with him.
  • A friend and I were recently discussing memories of Howard Johnson’s from our respective youths. I don’t think I ever stayed at one, but I remember eating at the restaurants a time or two with my maternal grandparents. I especially remember the HoJo-branded roll of fruit-flavored hard candy. They tasted just like LifeSavers, but no hole, and they had kind of a star pattern on them. Howard Johnson’s is still around, but as part of the Wyndham portfolio, and there’s only one restaurant left (in upstate New York).
  • Jim McElwain won the East in his first year at Florida. Then, he won the East in his second year at Florida. He was fired in his third year. Are schools even going to try to adjust anymore? Sit down with the coach and try to figure out some constructive changes? I know that’s disruptive, but so is bringing in a whole new guy the second the sea turns a little choppy.
  • It looks likely that Danica Patrick’s racing career will end later this month. I saw the pinnacle of her career live (and Lea was most unimpressed when I woke her up to tell her). I got interested in IndyCar because of Danica, and she held my hand while I learned the sport. I’ll always remember her fondly for that.

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