Oct 052017
  • God be with all who are hurting as a result of the massacre in Las Vegas earlier this week. I hope we have some more information soon, because it’s clear there are some big puzzle pieces missing right now.
  • I didn’t have it in my world view that Tom Petty would die. (At 66, I shouldn’t have, for a good while longer.) Like many, I’ve been considering his body of work over the past several days, and he wrote more of the soundtrack of late 20th-century America than you realize at a glance. Thanks for everything, sir. RIP.
  • Though I’d have rather not had to buy it, I’m having a good experience with my Honor 6X so far. This is good kit for the money, definitely.
  • On that note, Android and I are friends, but we’re never going to be besties. I suspect I’ll always be a little irritated that Microsoft couldn’t manage to deliver a solid Windows phone experience. The OS was a true pleasure to use.
  • Did you see my review of Big Spring Café at Rocket City Mom?
  • AJ Foyt Enterprises confirmed today that Tony Kanaan will drive the #14 in 2018. No word yet on the #4.
  • The lower humidity is nice, but I’m ready for it to cool on off for real—like upper 40s to low 50s at night.

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