May 042017
  • So Jimmy John’s subs were $1 on Tuesday this week. Recurring offers like this—the free Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast is another—intrigue me. I’m always surprised there are so many ostensibly well-adjusted people who will disrupt their lives to the degree required to stand in these long lines to save a couple of bucks on fast food. Go somewhere else that day, and consider the full price you’re paying a “convenience fee.”
  • Darth Vader is alive and well. He works as a surgical technician in Tennessee.
  • The boys and I watched Rogue One on Blu-ray last night. That’s just an excellent piece of work in every way. Nathan is now saying that only Episode V ranks higher for him now. I’m not sure whether I feel that strongly, but it’s not a ridiculous statement.
  • An acquaintance/fellow traveler of mine recently observed on Facebook that part of what made writing comedy so difficult was that it was so closely related to cruelty. I’ve been chewing on that. I do come up with some stuff that really makes me laugh from time to time that I never share because it’s too mean. There are some things, though, that you can “demeanify” enough and still keep them funny. I think that’s one of the key challenges of the aspiring comic.
  • Back in the day I’d have the campaign for a new Halo game finished no later than two days after release. Today, in the current day, after a gaming hiatus of almost a year, I’ve just picked Halo 5 back up and I’m not quite halfway through it. I’m having fun, though. Gears of War 4 is next. So this is what my gaming golden years are like, eh? (I am pleased to say I’m still playing Halo 5 on Heroic difficulty and advancing at a reasonable pace.)
  • So I guess TBEX starts today. I have a couple of friends presenting there. Hope it is a boon for all of my favorite downtown merchants.
  • I picked up an interesting connection to my past on this week. It should be here Saturday. I’m looking forward to sharing on Stay tuned.

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