Oct 282016

Do you remember it ever being this consistently warm this late in the year?

I’ve usually been able to wear an Alabama sweatshirt or two to work on a Friday by now. It’s two days from Halloween, and I’m wearing shorts and a Tacky Jacks T-shirt to my son’s Scholars Bowl competition this weekend. (I can remember getting mad at my mom because she’d make me wear a coat trick-or-treating, and I felt like it screwed up my costume.)

I’m ready for cold. I can sell soup, and chili, for dinner to my family much more easily when it’s cold out. I’m ready to know that I’m not turning the air conditioner on again for months, not days.

I cannot remember less autumn than this. It’s about to turn from late summer directly to winter.

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  One Response to “I want cold!”

  1. I want cold, too. In fact, November is my birthday month. When asked last night by the hubby what I wanted for my b’day, I said “cold weather so I can wear jeans, sweater, and boots”.

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