Dec 142013

Oh, I do love to see that glorious box sitting on the front porch.

A delivery around Christmas is pretty much assured at my house, because I have to have a bottle of Blair’s Jalapeno Death to accompany Lea’s breakfast casserole.

hotsauce12133This is easily my favorite Blair’s sauce. It has a vivid, rich, deep flavor. One bottle is good for two to three servings of Lea’s casserole. (I eat this sauce like a chutney, more or less.)

Some significant percentage of any order consists of restocking sauces I always have in stock:

hotsauce12131Read my thoughts on these top-notch sauces here and here.

Tommy asked me to order the classic Heartbreaking Dawns triad for him:

hotsauce12132I endorse these without reservation as part of any budding hot sauce addict’s education. These are great examples of what’s possible with a dedicated pursuit of excellence. All three of these are outstanding gourmet products with complex and delightful flavors. All three of these will also blister you mercilessly. These are not sauces for novices. Be careful.

Three newbies this time out:

hotsauce12134I’ve never had any of these. I wanted to try a Ring of Fire product after Scott told me they made the Mad Anthony sauces. This habanero sauce actually looks very much like the Mad Anthony Private Reserve, though the ingredient lists are pretty different. I’m looking forward to trying it.

The Melinda’s lineup is very well regarded, so I selected the naga jolokia sauce as my initial foray into it.

Finally, Frostbite is a bit of an outlier in the hot sauce world. From CaJohn’s (whose CaBoom! I recommend), Frostbite contains only vinegar, water, salt, and capsaicin. Its gimmick is that it adds heat without any flavor of its own, so you can heat up a beer, or ice cream, or whatever without fundamentally changing the taste of the food. And it packs a punch. Estimates are 500,000 – 750,000 Scoville heat units.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat myself here:  this is great cheap entertainment.

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