Aug 082013
  • We are blessed with an abundance of good kids/families, with whom we have significant prior experience, on Nathan’s soccer team this fall.
  • Did you mom and/or dad ever say “this hurts me more than it hurts you” when you got spanked, or grounded, or otherwise punished?  Wow, do I ever know what they meant now.  Nate hasn’t done what we agreed he’d do for his allowance, even after I warned him once.  So I had to remove it.  Right now, as I type, he’s sitting in his room crying and thinking about how terrible I am.  I’m sitting in my study hating that I had to tell him he was being punished when he got home from his piano lesson.  Being Dad is fun most of the time, but definitely not always.
  • How many browsers have you married?  I went—I think—Mosaic, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox.  Never used anything else with any consistency.  Now I’m split between Firefox and IE because of the varying experiences in different environments.
  • Washed and dried my Fitbug pedometer.  Guess what?  That’s not good for small, solid state devices.  That rendered it nonfunctional (but quite clean).  Replaced it with a Fitbit.  Should have had one of these all along.
  • Had occasion to investigate Del Taco locations today in the course of thinking about a fall day trip, and was delighted to discover that Del Taco has returned to Alabama.  Now they’re way the hell down there in Dothan, but they’ve still returned to the state.  Commence the lobbying for a northern Alabama location!
  • A mama raccoon and an adorable little baby raccoon were about three seconds ahead of the Technical Writing Express crossing Palmer Rd. yesterday afternoon.  Glad they made it.
  • Three weeks from the day after tomorrow.
  • Now it’s four hours later than I typed the second bullet, and I seem to be forgiven for the less savory parts of fatherhood I was forced to dispense earlier in the evening.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #247”

  1. I used Netscape for a while, and then Safari. Right now I split my time between Safari and Firefox, depending on the site. I like Opera but not as my main browser.

    But then, I like opera in general.

    Being mom isn’t fun, either. Be glad you have boys. Less eye-rolling and flouncing.

  2. There are too many sites I need to use that only work as designed in Internet Explorer. That’s kind of an obnoxious trait.

    I think I’d have been a good dad to a daughter, because of what I’d require of her and what I’d teach her to value. But there’s no doubt such would have stressed me in unique ways.

  3. I have a Fitbit. What’s the difference between it and the Fitbug?

  4. Miria, the Fitbug is larger and not as sexy, mainly. It’s a traditional pedometer that you have to physically plug into a USB cable, rather than using the wireless receiver.

  5. Sexy and pedometer don’t really go together.

    Jeff has a Fitbit, too, so sometimes Fitbit,com can’t decide which one it’s reading.

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