Mar 142013
  • My longtime friend Paul brought me some Palo Alto Firefighters XX Habanero Pepper Sauce when we had lunch yesterday.  Thanks, man!  I took an inch and a half out of the bottle last night.  Full review coming tomorrow.
  • So my only significant gripe with Windows 8 is its omission of Windows DVD Maker.  I got the bright idea to use my old Windows 7 license in a Hyper-V virtual machine and get it that way, but guess what?  The emulated video card isn’t good enough to allow Windows DVD Maker to launch.  Anyone know how to emulate a decent video card in a Hyper-V VM?
  • Pope FrancisWoohoo!  First New World pope ever, which is actually pretty cool.  Did you know they can pick any name they want?  Theoretically, we could have a Pope Lynyrd Skynyrd I?
  • Any of you homos touch me, and I’ll kill you.”  Yeah, that was one of my first thoughts upon hearing the news that the new pope was named Francis.  I’m sorry.  I’m a flawed and immature human being.
  • There’s a golden pricing zone for storage products, like hard drives and SD cards.  It’s typically not quite what you’d like, but the price is so good you can’t say no.  For example, a 32GB SD card is $17-18 right now.  It’s $50—on the low end—for a 64GB card.  See what I mean?  I bought three of the former, and spent half of what I would have for two of the latter, but I got three quarters of the space for it.  See?
  • I could do myself a lot of good getting 10,000 steps in a day.  Guess what?  That takes a lot of time.  I’m thinking about front-loading my daily routine with half of the steps and seeing if I can establish it as a habit.  I’ll never get the quantity if I can’t cross a lot of them off before I really start the day.
  • Movie with the boys tonight.  Thinking Wreck-It Ralph.  Any thoughts on that one?  Anything I should consider instead?

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #227”

  1. Regarding the storage gold pricing zone, I’ve been witness to and taken advantage of this as well. I refer to it as “the pricing bubble”. I’ll often go to newegg and choose the general type of media I’m looking for (flash drive, SD card, SSD, HDD) and then take a look at the capacity on the left that has the most entries and start my shopping there. The distribution is usually somewhat bell-curve-like, so it’s usually somewhere in the middle of the capacities available. I’ll usually venture one or two standard capacities higher just to see what the difference is similar to how you compared the 32GB to the 64GB.

    It’s amazing how much money one can save spending a few extra minutes shopping around online. Hooray internets!!!

  2. Wreck-It Ralph is superb. And get a FitBit or a BodyMedia armband– these are insanely popular in the Bay Area, in large part because (like a cicatrice, to tie in with your Pope commentary) they’re always there to remind you to consider your eating and exercise habits.

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