Sep 272012
  • Martha went home yesterday after a hospital stay that was certainly major, but with no unexpected bumps in the road.  We are all so thankful for that.
  • A favorite local blogger apparently has wanderlust.  Headed to see her off in a little while.  I don’t like sustained exposure to big cities.  God bless you if you do, girly-girl.  Best to y’all.
  • The road to a new phone has been somewhat painful.  Found just what I had on eBay and was delighted, but it won’t run Windows Phone updates properly (and no need to write me with suggestions; I’ve tried everything on every web page that has ever been written on the subject, and that’s also most of why Thursday miscellanea is late today).  I’m returning it.  So, pulled the trigger this afternoon and actually went into AT&T.  Digging my Lumia 900 so far.
  • Speaking of, for what I do with a phone, Windows Phone is a perfect fit for me.  I’d like to see it hang around a while.  My phone won’t go to Windows Phone 8 this fall, but Microsoft is throwing us a bone in 7.8, and that’s fine with me.
  • Trying (another) new approach to controlling my diet this week.  Only day four, but I’m excited.  I’ll share if I’m still so in a couple of weeks.
  • I’ve been nice so far, but the next jackass who insinuates to me that Harvey Updyke is a typical Alabama fan is going to get what I have to say without any filter of politeness.
  • I finally took an idle moment and looked up what “Honey Boo Boo” meant.  I now long for my previous ignorance.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #206”

  1. A bit of unsolicited advice: the Lumia 920 is right around the corner. It is the same physical size as the 900 (though it’s thinner) but in every other aspect it is significantly better: the camera, screen, and radios are all superb from what I read. You might want to take advantage of AT&T’s return policy and wait another few weeks for the 920.

  2. Paul, I hear ya, but perhaps surprisingly, I’m not much of a leading edge guy. The 900 is significantly cooler than my previous phone, and plus it’s giving me Windows Phone back today, and that’s good enough. 🙂

    When it comes to short half-life stuff like this, generally I jump and then quit paying attention.

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