Aug 092012
  • We might have a high temperature sneaking into the 70s one day this weekend.  AZn8tive was just remarking that the sunlight pattern has shifted noticeably in her living room window.  Fall is coming.
  • Lea and I had a date at The Melting Pot last night.  Review up tomorrow.
  • I’m excited about Alabama nose guard Jesse Williams bench-pressing 600 lbs., aren’t you?  Can’t wait for your team to play the Tide, can you?
  • Nathan and I went canoeing on the Elk River with his church youth group last weekend.  (Didn’t take my phone in the canoe, so didn’t have a camera. Duh.)  We had a great time.  He’s excited about going back for a longer trip.  May take both boys and seat Aaron in the middle!
  • Country singer Randy Travis was arrested Tuesday night and charged with driving while intoxicated and probably eventually some other stuff, after he crashed his Trans Am into a few construction barriers and was found to be naked and reeking of alcohol when officers investigated.
  • I won’t claim I never lost track of a few minutes here and there when drinking to excess as a much younger man, but I’m pretty sure I never drove naked.
  • That’s awfully cool hardware that just landed on Mars.
  • We’ve waited for this our whole lives, and it’s finally here:  mashed potatoes and gravy from Slurpee machines.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #199”

  1. That last item is just disgusting.

  2. Thanks for the hat-tip. I realized that I haven’t blogged since March…time to get back to it.

    Mashed potato and gravy slurpee…no, thanks!

  3. A 600-lb. bencher should be able to handle a double team quite nicely, don’tcha think? Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  4. TransAm…as in a PONTIAC?? When did they stop making those?

  5. Lea, yes it is. But… 😉

    AZn8tive, looking forward to your return!

    Jenny, I’m about to pop, and I know you are too! Roll Tide!

    Marianne, 2002 was the last year for a Trans Am. But maybe it’s a much older one, with collector value.

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