Feb 092012
  • Headed back toward seasonal weather this weekend.  I haven’t had my coat on in two weeks.
  • Beginning next week, each little boy who lives at our house gets 10 hours per week of video game time, as measured on a countdown timer.  (That’s any video game:  handheld, console, or PC.)  More than one person has told me that sounds like a lot, but I’m estimating it’s a 20-30% reduction for our boys.  (Perhaps that means we let it get too far before reining it in, or perhaps it means our critics are underestimating what’s happening at their houses.)  There’ll be one warning the first week, but after that, any detected playing without the timer running takes it instantly to zero for the week.
  • They were arrested for it, and yet someone somewhere is probably paying a grand for it:  Wisconsin sisters accused of sexually assaulting man with pliers, forcing him to drink urine.  You know, I think it’s about even odds it comes out that this was consensual.
  • I tried a headlight restoration product on Lea’s van last weekend.  (It was Meguiar’s, but I think they’re probably all about the same.)  It worked well, though it’s definitely a job that requires finesse if you want it to look perfect.  The first little bit of work will get you a lot of the way there, though.
  • So apparently Bret Bielema is all hacked off that Urban Meyer signed a player that was “verbally committed” to Wisconsin.  He’s babbling about a supposed gentlemen’s agreement in the Big Ten, in which the coaches don’t do that.  Meyer’s response is “nonsense,” and I think it’s the correct one.  If a prospect isn’t signed, then he’s unsigned.  (And I can’t wait to be for Ohio State against Wisconsin this November 17.)
  • As distasteful as I find the prospect of paying George Lucas again, I’ve “verbally committed” to Episode I in 3D.
  • I’ve had such a good time being Nathan’s assistant Upward basketball coach this season.  I’ve had a marvelous and patient teacher, a great group of boys, and at least twice the fun I thought I’d have.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #174”

  1. Urban Meyer! Swoon.

  2. Yeah? Does Darrell Waltrip do that to you too? (Or did he in his younger days?) I’ve always thought Urban Meyer looked like Darrell Waltrip.

    Boogity boogity boogity!

  3. Ew! No!!! Not even close.

  4. I have the full Star Wars collection on Bluray. That’s as far as I’ll go for quite a while when it comes to paying to see the movies. 3D is a gimmick that I think will also eventually become the “cellphone radiation is bad for you” of the eyes debate. By that I mean there’s going to eventually be a lot of debate about whether or not it’s bad for your eyes, which I think it is… at least for me.

    I’ll hold off paying anymore money to Lucas until they are re-released in 4k/8k in 4 or 5 years.

  5. Tahm, I didn’t get them, protesting the additional worse-than-unnecessary tweaking (in this case, the NOOOOOOOOO! added to Palpatine down the reactor shaft). I probably will pony up if the original edits ever show up on Blu-ray. (Well, the original trilogy. Don’t care so much about I-II-III being unhacked.)

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