Nov 252011

“When Black Friday comes, I’m gonna dig myself a hole…” – Steely Dan, 1975

I haven’t been out.  I have no plans to go out.  If you know me even a little bit, that doesn’t surprise you at all.  I don’t like normal crowds, much less day-after-Thanksgiving insanity.  Amazon Prime is a beautiful thing.

Cut my hair this morning.  Watching some football.  Got some shrimp I need to do something with for dinner.  And that’s about as complicated as it’s going to get.

Whether you’re wading in the cacophony, staring at the wall mouth-breathing, or something in between, I hope your Friday is going to suit.

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  One Response to “Black Friday 2011”

  1. I ventured out today and only because I needed 2 more strands of lights for the Christmas tree.

    Like you, I don’t dig crowds on normal days, so why would I subject myself to the craziness that is Black Friday. More power to those who enjoy it…I’ll just shop from home in my pjs. 😉

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