Apr 292011
  • Can’t say a word without emphasizing again how blessed we’ve been.  My family is well.  My house is intact.  Inconvenienced, not hurting.  Thank you, God.
  • On that note, Lea and the boys went for a walk yesterday.  Our neighbor Sonya, one street over, told Lea that her neighbor took a photograph of a funnel cloud directly over our house.  I’ll be sure to share that when it surfaces.
  • The ancillaries of the situation have been very accommodating.  We  had a brief period of water uncertainty yesterday morning, but it’s been reliable since.  No problems with natural gas delivery either, so showers have remained hot.  The weather has been mild, so no comfort worries.  The extended power outage isn’t fun, but it’s a much smaller deal than it might have been under different circumstances.
  • Drove to Pulaski, Tennessee again this morning.  Came back with 25 gallons of gasoline, 90 pounds of ice, and no waiting for either.  (Might have slipped a sixer of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in there too.)  It’s about an hour and 45 minutes round-trip, but sheesh, no problem.  The way I figure it, I could easily wait that long here, but with the added stress of supply uncertainty.
  • An old high-school friend of mine who now lives in Okinawa has been unable to reach her mother, whose house is right in the middle of the destruction.  I drove to her house and visited with her for a few minutes this morning.  I was really delighted to be able to send my friend a Facebook message letting her know her mom was fine!
  • I’m hanging with the boys while Lea takes a turn at BamaDan’s this afternoon.  I just caught up with her on the phone, and it sounds like she’s making some good things happen.  I’m so pleased to hear that.
  • I never saw New Orleans post-Katrina, but I saw Biloxi and Gulfport, which were themselves plenty impressive.  Never really heard about them on the news though, did you?  I’m kind of feeling like northern Alabama is playing Biloxi to Tuscaloosa’s New Orleans.  Don’t forget us up here, folks.  I promise, it’s an Alabama tragedy, not just a Tuscaloosa one.

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  9 Responses to “Friday miscellanea, post-Alabama tornado super-outbreak edition”

  1. We’ve been hearing the reports and they have been including Northern AL. So to the outside world we know it’s not just Tuscaloosa…but I know what you mean.

  2. I’m just glad you and the family are safe and sound. Makes all the other daily annoyances seem unimportant.

  3. Susan, glad to hear that. Thank you for the report “from the field.”

    Kemtee, I appreciate it. it does have a way of restoring perspective.

  4. My aunt just called to apologize for telling me yesterday I was off-base for wanting to head out of town. She thought it was all Tuscaloosa, too, and did not realize how many people up here are impacted. North Alabama has this vague sort of rural cohesiveness in the geographical mind, and I don’t think folks’ realize how populated it really is.

  5. I started a comment here that became long enough that I moved it to a post of its own. I’d appreciate your spot-on advice for coming up with strategic actions related to mitigating the impact of similar (albeit likely much smaller-scale) events going forward.

  6. Good idea. Bo’s perfect for a survivalist group leader

  7. Y’all are embarrassing me. Thank you.

    I just thoughtfully responded to Greg on his blog, and it’s gone now. I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

  8. Sometimes, I think God sends these disasters to make us alter our perspective, Bo. We take too many small things for granted…power, phones, vehicles,etc. I often say a prayer of thanks for small things and will continue to do so.

    I think you’re wonderful for checking on your friend’s mother. That is the way we should care for each other every single day.

  9. Jan, it was such a nothing drain on my day, but with such a high payoff. I really loved it. Thrilled me to be able to tell my friend half a world away that I’d just been two feet from her mother, and she was good!

    I hear you deeply on prayer and perspective.

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